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  • Max

    Lily's younger brother and a Primary 4 student. He is kind, polite and always willing to help. Max and Lily are trying their best to assist Do Re Mi Fa in searching for the Hidden Book and to solve any problems arise throughout the adventure.

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  • Lily

    Max's elder sister and a Primary 5 student. She is a kind, intelligent and helpful girl who has great patience. She always helps Do Re Mi Fa with Max during the adventure of searching for the Hidden Book.

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  • Do

    Leader of the investigators, who is intelligent with great leadership skills. He is also good at problem solving and is able to assist other investigators when they encounter difficulties. However, he is a self-centered individual, who always ignores the feelings of others.

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  • Re

    An investigator who gets angry easily, is careless and at times, speaks without considering others' feeling. Despite all these shortcomings, Re is a very brave individual and has always been supportive to the team.

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  • Mi

    An introvert and a very shy person. He lacks of confidence and is afraid of facing new problems and people. Yet, he has a kind heart and is always nice to others.

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  • Fa

    A very smart and cheerful investigator. He always put a smile on his face despite facing various problems. He is also good at comforting other investigators in the team when they are feeling down. However, the faulty antenna on his head is causing him some communication problems with others.

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